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June 2, 2012: Encyclopedia Sophia wins the "SNAP: Sustainability Now and Powerful" Award from the Journal of Sustainability Education in the Recharge Category: "Honoring innovative sustainability education efforts that make a difference in sustaining educators."

EncycloSophia: A Resource for Culture Mentors

What is Encyclopedia Sophia? What will it do, and what are its goals and uses?

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Sample 3: "Detecting Demagoguery in Speeches and Advertising."

Our Mission and Vision

That Encyclopedia Sophia serve as a networking and resource hub for culture mentors (deep educators) working to deepen and strengthen relations between persons, communities, and Earth, to analyze and dissolve oppressive social structures, to engage ancestral, ecological, and collective wisdom, to empower communities adaptively reimagining themselves, and to fashion new stories and visions about how to live in peace, justice, and balance on our planet. Knowledge offered by the Encyclopedia enriches and extends itself continually by interacting co-creatively with how community mentors experiment with it.

That humanity consciously, responsibly, and intentionally joins planetary and cultural evolution to participate in the celebration, regeneration, and renewal of our deeply interconnected world.


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